"Well then, time to save the city."
—Bruce Wayne[src]

Batman is a masked vigilante who battles crime and corruption in Gotham City. To the public, he is philanthropic billionaire Bruce Wayne, who swore to fight crime after witnessing the murder of his parents. During his second year of operations, he found himself pushed to the limits when a terrorist cell called the Children of Arkham attacked the city and revealed his father to be linked to organized crime. Batman eventually defeated them and their leader, Lady Arkham, but his family's reputation was damaged by the reveal of his father's actions. A couple of months later, Batman found himself fighting a number of criminals that had popped up in the wake of his battle with the Children of Arkham.

Biography Edit

Bruce Wayne was the son of Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, and heir to the Wayne fortune. When he was 9 years old, the family, whilst returning from the Monarch Theatre of a showing of "The Mark of Zorro", were ambushed in an alley by Joe Chill, who shot his parents dead. Before he could shoot Bruce, Chill was forced to flee upon hearing police sirens. Picked up by the family's butler Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce grew up under his care and guidance. After this event, he pledged to avenge his parents and make Gotham a safer place.

After years of training and by his late twenties, Bruce had secretly become a vigilante known as the Batman, which had been inspired by his childhood fear of bats. In this identity, he was fighting crime and corruption in Gotham, becoming known as an urban legend within the city. As his civilian identity, Bruce became friends with District Attorney Harvey Dent and, as Batman, an ally of Police Lieutenant James Gordon. Bruce also received help in his operations from Alfred and Lucius Fox, both of whom were aware of his double life.